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Editorial Rants by Stevie Burns aka Mrs. Saucebox.

  • Blindness and Hairy Palms 'Masturbation' gets comic strip banned. What I wouldn't give for a good pair of magnifying glasses and some tweezers.
  • Erotica Writers: Get the lowdown on what editors like and don't like in erotica writing.
    Written for VoracityBeat by William Dean, Assoc. Ed. of Clean Sheets.

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The VoracityBeat Circle of Salty Witches Discusses

The Untried Fantasy: What sexual fantasy would you NOT fulfill?
Find out what the women in this circle have to say.

The Salty Witches:

Short stories, poetry. Things that make you go hmmm...
  • Poem of the Month: Galveston in September
  • Story of the Month: Rhapsody
  • October Confessions: The Soft Recliner
VoracityBeat proudly presents the extended works of novelist Gwen Masters. Find regular installments of Confessions of a Mistress here.
Online Erotic Art Gallery

Newest Gallery Addition:

  • Stevie Burns
    This artist needs your unadulterated help!
    Send feedback about which of the three versions of 'Satyr' you think looks the best and why.
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  • Each artist has a gallery gift shop. Classy coffee mugs, gift cards.
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