"Simple words convey powerful messages." -iris

Letter to the Reader

Dear Reader,

To begin with, I'd like to thank you. I am honored with the opportunity to share a small piece of my soul with you. My poetry is an intimate, personal glimpse of my thoughts, feelings and visions.

Our sharing of the human experience is as individual and important as we each are. Different energies for different days make us who we are at this moment. And the exciting part is, this is a constantly changing process.

I see the hope and light in each of us. If a thought or feeling is brought forth and perhaps new meaning or richness is gained in my words, I have accomplished much. With an open mind, our world expands to limits beyond our imagination.

In viewing life from another's point of view, we are better positioned to relate to each other. No greater joy can be found than to touch another's heart and leave a mark that heals. Be well and take good care of each other.

Celebrate our diversity and look forward to the excitement of each new day while we cherish and remember the ones that have past.

As always,


Writer's Statement

The words that flow through me and find their way to paper or screen, are filled with passion and my truth. In most cases, they write themselves. I am merely the vessel in which they travel through.

I write them as my self-therapy. They come from my heart and my soul. I feel, as well as live them.

Simple words convey powerful messages. I write only from my real life experiences and will embellish only for effect and to magnify the sense of urgency I feel in all I do.

I am with hope that those reading my words will relate and be empowered by them. Life is to be celebrated daily. As my children have taught me, Sharing is Caring.

Writer's Bio

My name is iris and as all women, I am composed of many different parts. First and foremost, I am a woman. A natural submissive, faithfully devoted to my honored Dom. Shortly after being introduced to the realm of BDSM, my writing reappeared after a twenty-five year break. All of my words are inspired by Him.

Born in the mid fifties, I am a native of California and have happily resided in "America's Finest," San Diego, for the past few years.

In addition, I am the mother of two wonderful daughters, grandmother to Tyler Ray, career women of twenty-eight years to the same company, writer, a lover of nature and an active observer and participant in life.

I have been a vegetarian for nearly twenty years and live my life respecting the earth and universe. I am continually amazed at the wonders our earth and world reveal daily.

My motto is "Attitude is Everything" and I look at the world as if through the eyes of a nine year old child, always discovering. I not only color outside of the lines but ignore them altogether. I like to have fun. Playing is an art and I choose to master it.

My writing is my therapy; my means of staying sane and balanced. My Rose colored glasses are as much a part of me as the wolf on the small of my back tattoo.

When I'm not working, working out or writing, I so enjoy riding Harleys, spending time at the beach, all genres of music and exploring.

Be well.

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