The Salty Witch Circle Is A Group of Women

Women of various backgrounds and interests,
all intelligent and creative, with one thing in common:

our sex, and the desire to talk openly about it.

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Salty Witch Circle Discusses: The Untried Sexual Fantasy

Q: What fantasy would you NOT fulfill?

Regina finds the dangers of the real world prevent fantasies from coming true.

I like the mystique of running into a tall, darkly confident man, with no names or words exchanged, and simply acting on animal magnetism.

My stranger is older, suggestive and sexually mischievous; the type that stands on a corner and blatantly devours women with his thoughts. He is experienced and smooth, not just a pervert in an alley. He is a man that causes a tinge of fear, but not from thoughts of harm, from thoughts of pure sexual adrenaline. Read full transcript here.

Mia feels that as a submissive, she is unable to fulfill a certain fantasy.

Oh how I wanted to kiss her plush, red pillows of soft skin! But I didn't dare. I didn't possess enough courage to act upon my human instinct, to feed my most primal impulse. For I didn't know if I should be so forward with someone who has been my Mistress, and I her submissive. It felt so out of place for me. Regardless, if on this night we were both starring as burlesque performers, and not as Mistress and submissive as we've generally done together. Read full transcript here.

Jade discovered that some fantasies can be harmful if brought into the real world.

I had concurrent affairs with 2 very good looking, womanizing types about ten years ago. I continued an affair with one of them for a few years, even after the initial passion waned. The hot sex was great at the beginning and we had fun outside of the bedroom, too. After I moved to the East Coast, we continued visiting each other every few months.

Then something strange happened. I fell in love with him, or thought I had. Read full transcript here.

Courtney knows for a fact that reality sometimes can't live up to our fantasies.

It looks so wonderfully beautiful on screen. The waves crashing over the intertwined bodies as passion takes over and everything else in the world disappears, the sun slowly sets on the liquid horizon and the sky above them is blood red with orange and pink highlights. Read full transcript here.

Gwen just won't fulfill her sex fantasy because it would mean being unfaithful... to herself.

The thought of having a fling with no strings attached is thrilling to me for many reasons. There's certainty that I can try anything at all, without having to deal with the blushing memory and shyness the next morning, the freedom of knowing that I will be completely anonymous. The illicit thrill of not knowing who he is. He could be a married man out for a fling, a lonely drifter without a dime to spare, or a millionaire who owns his own island and his own airplane to fly him there. It's all in the mystery, baby. Read full transcript here.

Alex skirts along the outer edges of her fantasies - and it's enough.

"HOW are they doing that?" We didn't discover anything that felt as good as the classics, but we certainly tried. There were some we didn't get to, but I don't care to investigate any more. Now when I think about the Every Possible Position fantasy, I groan and laugh. The whole thing was quite funny, and my girlfriends and I still joke about it. Read full transcript here.

iris needed a minute before she realized she still had a few untried fantasies packed away.

My knee jerk reaction to the question was to state, "My mind is so open that I wouldn't dream of not fulfilling a fantasy." But there was one I found while doing a quick inventory of my playful little mind. Read full transcript here.

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