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VoracityBeat, a new erotica website for women, celebrates creative expression in women's eroticism. It's official launch was June 15th, 2024.

Editor Stevie Burns writes monthly editorial Rants for the Dear Mrs. Saucebox section of the Ezine. "Sex and politics go together like glue and stickiness," says Burns. "It's natural then, finding a correlation to our society's sexual cravings and our political temperament." Stevie Burns has written such editorials as The Civic Blowjob (wherein all conscientious people are asked to send President Bush a virtual blowjob), Exposé: The Merkin, (where new meaning is given to the phrase, 'The only Bush I trust is my own!') and Total Recall California Style, which is the current Rant.

Each month VoracityBeat publishes part of the Gwen Masters Series Confessions of a Mistress, which is scheduled to be published as a novel later this year.

Like many new websites and zines, VoracityBeat caters to a specifically female audience. The site was inspired by a new trend in publishing, wherein ladies, women, girls, adolescents, young women, and moms are all jointly targeted and endearingly addressed as grrrls.

"This is a defining moment in women's history; women are no longer expected to lie back and take it," says Stevie Burns, editor and creator of VoracityBeat. "The sexual revolution of the 60s enabled women to have lots of sex: free sex and open marriages - what people now call swinging. But it didn't really enable women better sex, or even a genuine orgasm. Our culture has continued to change from that point. Now, women are faced with the prospect of how to define the difference between acceptable and unacceptable porn, how to buy the right sex toy, and whether abstinence is an okay decision," says Burns.

What is unique about VoracityBeat:

  1. The site is being run like a grassroots project, wherein the contributors involved have a collaborative relationship with the editor and creator, Stevie Burns.
  2. Though the intended audience is women, gender is not an issue for contributors. Men are invited to submit their work.
  3. Selected poetry and short stories published online will be released as a printed anthology each year, the first print will be 2004.
  4. The Erotica Art Gallery enables artists to show their work online, providing contact information, Artist Statement, Bio, and free Ecards. Each artist is also provided with an individual gallery shop, wherein prints, greeting cards and coffee mugs are available for sale via
  5. Access to all parts of the website are free. Published writers, artists and subscribers pay nothing to participate.
  6. The site is uploaded with a bulk of fresh material biweekly, though updates are added on a constant, daily basis.
  7. A special print edition of VoracityBeat will be published once a year in full color, highlighting the strongest newcomers in the erotica genre, covering their lives and lifestyles on a more intimate level. The first edition is slated for December 2024.

Stevie Burns says, "Where do we draw the line between having an active libido and acting like a slut? As women's lives and lifestyles change and expand, we redefine ourselves and consequently how the world perceives us. This generation of the softer sex no longer disbelieves the existence of the G-spot. We know it's real, even if only by faith."

For additional information, please contact Stevie Burns.
Editor Stevie Burns
[email protected]
Am Buchstein 11
61250 Usingen-Eschbach, Germany
Phone calls to Stevie are welcome at any time (read: any hour, you choose), but must be arranged and scheduled via email beforehand.

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