Sex and Work

by iris

iris says:

I read these words and smiled. Over the past twenty-eight and one half years, I have always remained the true professional in thought and action. However...

There have been a handful of occasions where I have indeed indulged in lustful deeds with others from my work. I never had sex with a subordinate but over the years, one owner, one co-worker and one company delivery driver.

I haven't thought of these times in years and each brings with it wonderful memories of good old fashion, down and dirty vanilla sex. Stolen moments behind locked doors, in empty warehouses, backs of vans and an occasional motel room.

A learned phrase of a past owner still remains fresh in my mind today: "Never do this with anyone that has less to lose than you."

As I didn't and still don't condone having indiscretions with married folks, some of the best sex to be had, has been with those in fact. Men I liked and admired from a work standard, some whose spouses I also knew and liked. During these times though it was the physical pleasures and excitement that drew me to this No Man's Land.

During business hours, relationships were purely of a professional nature. "Workaholics" like me that spent far too much time in career and often found those of kindred spirit. I do think that extended time spent with those tends to form these kind of bonds and friendships. Yes, friendships. But one's whose basis of existence is strictly from the need of some R and R.

"Work hard, play harder." ;)

My most memorable encounter began twenty-two years ago in Cincinnati, Ohio of all places. It was at an annual company convention/sales training/fashion showing. I remember the movie, "Urban Cowboy," with John Travolta was one of our planned free-time outings.

Back then a young woman was a novelty in business, which was primarily a man's world. During evenings spent in the hotel bar, I was never without a dance partner nor a drink in my hand. On one such fine occasion, I found myself with a key placed in my hand from one of the owners. He was a distinguished and very handsome Southern gentleman, longstanding and well respected in my industry. He reigned from Atlanta and his Southern drawl was only one of many seductive qualities that I found irresistible. Maybe his twenty-year advantage was another. That, and the power he wheeled within my organization.

A time in my mid twenties before marriage and babies and the process one often finds themselves in when settling down into the life expected. Shared bottles of wine, hours upon hours of rolling around in King size, hotel beds and room service in far away cities.

The sex itself is not even remembered now. I'm not sure it was even memorable on terms I know and appreciate today but naked, sweaty bodies and secrets shared make me smile now. I haven't talked with Bob in years but still have a journal of long ago romantic poetry that he inspired. He must be close to seventy now and from what I last heard, living in Australia and still working.

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