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Where sexuality as imagery is a form of expression, not objectification.
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Newest Gallery Addition

Artist Stevie Burns
These are new, experimental pieces.
Feedback requested by artist.
Ecard 7260 Ecard 7261 Ecard 7262

Voracitybeat Gallery Artists

Artist Dale West
Ecard 7250 Ecard 7252 Ecard 7254
Artist Marci McDonald
Ecard 7216 Ecard 7208 Ecard 7202
Artist Melissa Bain
Ecard 7230 Ecard 7232 Ecard 7234
Artist Stephen Mead
Ecard 7242 Ecard 7248 Ecard 7244
Artist Mia Jennings
Ecard 7224 Ecard 7256 Ecard 7226
Artist Stevie Burns
Ecard 7005 Ecard 7006 Ecard 7010

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