Stephen Mead
"I simply do not know how to live without art, and I find that the deprivation is not good for me."
-Stephen Mead

Artist Statement

My work is an act of survival for me, a therapy to balance my chemicals and re-find strength. I simply do not know how to live without art, and I find that the deprivation is not good for me. Still, being a hypersensitive and nearly agoraphobic and shy person, I really want my writings and artwork to communicate to others, strike chords in the spirits of others, and hopefully, provide comfort and healing.

Sometimes I find myself delving into what might be psychologically painful (and painful to the vision, the way an archived photo of any atrocity would be), but it is through this exploration that I want to find understanding and share the perceptions of the journey, so-to-speak, which we each experience in our own particular ways. When I do work of a sensuous, evocative, erotic nature it is done not for exploitation, but as a celebration of spirituality, the pleasures we can give to one another as essential to life as DNA, and ultimately, acts of peace.

Artist Bio

Stephen Mead is an artist and poet living in northeastern NY. Although he has had a year of formal college art education, Mead considers himself primarily self-taught.

Since the early 1990s Mead's poetry has been published in several small press literary journals. Now concentrating on his visual art, Mead finds that the Internet functions as a wonderful communication tool. It has proved happily miraculous as a way for his art to touch the lives and hearts of others around the globe.

Mead works in the paper mines of a state agency in New York.

Stephen Mead also has artwork of a sensual nature at Scars. See 31 Kisses and Body As Landscape in the art pages of CC & D Magazine.

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