Call to Artists:
Notes from Stevie Burns

Dear Artists,

I've launched some of my own work here, and invite other artists to do the same. Not all original artwork is for sale, but I'm offering professional prints of my work: various sizes, framed or unframed. Most galleries offer gift cards and postcards, so I decided to follow suit. I've also designed mugs displaying erotica art, and a few other items as well. In a practical world, it is practical for an artist to publish her artwork onto usable items.

Invitation to Artists

If you are an artist and would like to submit your work for publication on Voracitybeat.com, I'll be very flattered. Should you become published here, your artwork will receive the same kind of attention and publication as my own. You will retain the rights to your work, and I will send you your royalties.

As for the sale of any original pieces of art, I will leave that to be worked-out between the artist and prospective buyer. I don't even sell my own originals online.

Artist Guidelines:

Voracitybeat.com c/o Zaehne
Am Buchstein 11
61250 Usingen-Eschbach, Germany

There is no deadline for this project. Revisions to the website are monthly, so if you've missed one month there is always the next. If your work is chosen for publication, I will contact you via email. I will at that time ask for your Bio and Artist's Statement to be included in your online gallery space.

Best Regards,
Stevie Burns

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