"Just as with water and food and air, sensuality quenches and sustains us."

Letter to the Reader

Dear Reader,

Life inspires. Everyone is an artist in their own way using Life as their muse.

I choose to share with you because you choose to read, and I thank you for that wonderful opportunity. My goal is to create a moment, however short, that can take a person away. If you forgot about your plans this evening or the paperwork on your desk or you just considered creating something of your own: that is my reward.



Writer's Statement

A release, an attempt to solve life's puzzles, a reflection of myself, and possibly an interpretation of you. My writings help me to express myself. Sensuality is necessary. Just as with water and food and air, sensuality quenches and sustains us.

Erotica is only a small part of what I write. I enjoy taking a moment that inspires me and trying to express it in different styles. Reading from my collection can take a person through the friendships, loves, current affairs, family matters, and sensuality that I've experienced. Although the sharing can be a difficult step to take, I have learned that there is always someone out there that can relate. I encourage anyone to be bold, however you express yourself creatively, and take that step for yourself! Share it.

Writer's Bio

At the young age of 13, I started writing and never looked back. Through school, marriage and divorce, and all of life's other surprises, I have always found myself looking for paper and a pen. Oddly enough, I never landed a job where these talents could be used. I instead turned to the world of finances as a career, and quite enjoy the balance I have found between creativity and logic.

My childhood started with the city lights and 'cha-ching' of the outskirts of Las Vegas, NV, and later, Houston Texas where I discovered my love of writing. I now reside in Denver, CO, where I've lived the whole of my adult life. I have traveled much of the mid- and north-west areas of the States and have ventured overseas to New Zealand, Australia and Hawaii.

My travels and my writings are far from over; they are what I enjoy most.

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