Sleeping With A Stranger

I know the eyes upon my face.
This gentle man in this forgotten place.
I feel the hesitation he exudes because
I, too, don't know where this concludes.

I don't know his hands upon my hips.
I know I've never been here, like this.
Yet something tells me this is safe
This stranger standing in my space.

I know the child that's hiding within.
I recognize the laughter, the wit he spins.
I think I know this man standing here.
The girl inside confirms my lack of fear.

She feels your presence and understands
That me, a woman, is in command
Taking hold, boldly, relentlessly
I know the hands that are exploring me.

So I succumb to his dauntless hold.
He sinks into me, uncontrolled.
I know his child. He's friends with mine
And they've been waiting all this time.

I know those eyes that see me now
This confident man, and I know how
We ended up here in this place
No longer strangers, face to face.


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