Sex and Work

by Jade Blackmore

Jade Blackmore says:

I've indulged in occasional hanky panky with a punk rock guy who worked at the souvenir shop in New Orleans or the editor at my college paper (well, that was kinda like a job). I've flirted with interviewees, but there is something inherently wrong with boinking them. At least - not then and there - maybe waiting until the interview is long published and forgotten, then it's not a violation of journalistic ethics. Not that I've ever done that. Ahem.

I've never had a full-fledged affair with a boss or coworker at an office job, though I've dated a few of my fellow employees. None of 'em were really "affair" material, to my taste, but they were good friends and they paid for dinner! Flirting and canoodling are ok for a day job, but out and out affairs are tricky. It doesn't matter how careful you are - someone is going to find out, even if said discovery doesn't result in a bombastic confrontation or firing.

When I worked for a music publisher the Kelly Bundy of the office (it was 1990, after all, the apex of the hair band/slut movement) was banging the married A and R guy whose wife was eight months pregnant. They consummated their relationship in the empty seventh floor atrium. That's class for ya.

At another job I had, one of the sales reps and an editor were having an affair. Everybody knew about it even though the couple pretended they weren't involved. It wasn't a big deal though because they weren't married to other people and they were middle-aged 40s, early 50s, so it lacked the titillating aspect of a ponytailed 35 year old music exec and a scantily clad groupie-secretary.

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