Sex and Work

by Mia Jennings

Mia Jennings says:

When I worked in an office ten years ago as a vocational case manager, I never mixed sex with work. It was a rule, for whatever reason, I chose to follow. Although there was one co-worker who I would've really liked to have sex with, the opportunity never came up. He and I were both married. We also worked in Social Services. Our occupations somehow made us not follow our sexual desires.

Everything I do now pretty much has to do with sexuality. Working from home on writing and art doesn't really give me the opportunity to have sexual encounters with others, even though a majority of my work is sexually and erotically orientated.

Twice per week in the evening I work at the fetish nightclub Ground Zero as a Go-Go dancer and performer. It's way different from any office job. Peoples' sexuality is at an all time high when dancing there. People are constantly touching each other very sexually and flirting to the extreme.

Sometimes while dancing with other girls on the catwalk, I touch their breasts or sex. Sometimes I lick under their dress, on their upper thighs or move their panties aside with my tongue and lick their hot, wet lips. Most clubbers think I am just pretending to do this, which is good. I like them to think that otherwise I'd get into deep shit.

Over the past year, I have witnessed that a majority of the drama at the club is caused by actually having sexual encounters with others. Not just flirting heavily. For this reason, I don't have actual sexual encounters. I really try not to, because I've witnessed how much of a headache it can be when something goes wrong. I pretty much keep my sexual interactions on a heavy flirting and little bit of playing level. Right now the club is in turmoil, and it's because one of the dancers has been sleeping with the manager and her husband is sleeping with a customer, and so and so is sleeping with everyone. It's a freakin' mess!

I admit: there have been so many times when I wanted to have sex with someone at the club. Especially after the owner has dressed up as a Dominant and has tied me up to be a submissive in a very creative way and has played with my body like a soft, erotic symphony. I will generally find relief afterwards with my husband if I am really worked up.

I sometimes fill in at my husband's office as a secretary. He works with several people who also work at the nightclub. Both of the business owners used to work at the club. I have had sexual encounters with one of my husband's bosses and his beautiful fiance, who is also a Ground Zero dancer. I've also served as a submissive to the owner of this company on many occasions. When we are not working, it becomes very sexual.

We are pretty lucky not to intermingle sexually at the workplace. However, I must admit, that I would love to play the secretary slave girl when I am working the front desk... carry phone messages in my mouth, crawl on my hands and knees with a short skirt on, delivering them to my husband, his boss, and the owner of the company. It still makes my panties wet thinking about it.

With my job writing music reviews for musicians, I try to always keep the sexuality out of it. This too is difficult for I have a strong attraction to musicians. But, still to this day, I've kept all sexual contact at bay. At times, I do skirt very close to the edge of the border.

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