Sex and Work

by Regina

Regina says:

I'm a business woman. I keep sex separate from the money making arena.

I'm not inhuman. There are definite attractions to the successful working male. Intelligence, charisma, charm, tenacity, strength, power, masculine virility, talent and damn good looks all cause a spontaneous inner reaction for me. But not enough to make me act on them.

I haven't slept with a boss or co-worker for three reasons.

When I say I know my worth, that doesn't mean I think those who partake of such opportunities don't. I'm saying I work for a reason: to make money. If it isn't a duty or skill I need to possess as an employee, then you can bet your ass I question the extent of any sort of venture. I want to go home to the place I've worked my ass off for and embrace the family I adore.

As far as human impulse, I have my fantasies. During long hours and stressful days, being thrown atop a desk and sexually ravaged is a thought. There are a few young, great smelling, Italian leather trod fellows, who are built for sin beneath their Armani suits that are easy to look at. Even the mature, delightful fellows with the silver "wingtips" in the temple region and a fiery passion for pleasing a woman are provoking. I often wonder about the so-called nerds. They have a shy appeal and a nervous tick to their dicks that make me wonder if they are animals in bed. On trips, a hotel provides even more allure and temptation. But even while single, I refrained. I need the ability to look any man square in the eye and feel totally free of emotional snags during business. It's not easy. In fact, I've surprised myself. Not just from a standpoint of human weakness. From a standpoint of a voracious female who goes after what I want. I just gave my husband a real "work out" when I got home.

But! It isn't enough to say I haven't slept with the boss. I've been accused a lot. Unfortunately, much of the female population regards a successful female as one that's worked her way up on the flat of her back. Such comments as "She's spread like peanut butter to get where she's at," or "Yeah, she's on top, because she's always on top," is quite vile and downgrading and frankly an ignorant lie. If that's how I got where I'm at, then I should be bitch slapped for not being a multi-millionaire by now. I'm quite disappointed in myself when I think of how I'm still working class and I've supposedly screwed my way up. I must have really slacked off. Three hundred and sixty five days in a year, there are only how many Forbes Fortune 500 qualifiers? Okay, I'm being facetious, but you get my drift.

In the case of promotion, I feel if a superior is swayed by reason of sex, then the only thing they've been superior at is indulgence, not leadership. They've just provided proof. Why place a label on the woman though? If it's a female superior, and the male is promoted, why doesn't he get slammed by other males? Sure, everyone has methods in achieving a promotion, but the final decision still lies with the superior. Being bitter over getting passed up for a promotion because I don't put out is a waste of time for me. I can and will take my skills to a more reputable company or start my own. Competition is a very persuasive and necessary tool. However, I don't compete woman to woman or woman to man. That ends with a title. Business doesn't.

The opportunities are tempting... for about two seconds. I could be in tropical Eden, sipping Mai Tai's by the beach, snapping towel ends at bronzed concierges and getting my white ass tanned and not having to work at all. Married and older men are especially offering. But what am I teaching my daughter? Yeah, I have a beautiful daughter. I'd be teaching her that you can "endure" a no-love relationship with some self-absorbed, uncommitted "suit" who gags you during sex, disgusts you at the breakfast table, makes you cringe when he comes home, but hey! He buys you Dolce, Harry Winston, and foots the mega-mansion bills. Ain't that sweet. I want something more endearing for my daughter and myself.

The bigger price for me is that it would come back to me. One way or another, the man I'm in love with would cheat with his secretary and suddenly the late nights at work would turn into gifts and trips. I believe it does come back to you. No matter how you get where you're at, you'd better be able to support yourself in the end, because when the body goes or the source goes, the offers stop coming or you're searching for another means. I've seen it happen too many times. Wives also have a way of making your workplace-lover bend in the opposite direction, whether it's his dick, or his attitude. So, don't even think you've got your married boss/co-worker bagged if he's in the middle of a divorce. Especially if he owns the company. You may gain a penniless prick. I know of very few cases where workplace sex was a one-time forgotten fling, or a meaningful relationship withstood the pressure of being a couple and being on the same job.

I recall a few cases where the boss didn't want to take "No" for an answer too. Seems they thought they could have their way, regardless of my rejection because of their authority over me. One, in particular, went so far as to rent a hotel room on our way back to the office from a seminar. Imagine my horror when he pulled into the parking lot and told me he had everything taken care of for us to "swing from the light fixtures." The only thing he swung was his car around. I let loose on him in the parking lot and kicked the skin off his knees and his ultra-large balls. Lawsuits are too time consuming. Instead, I faxed a memo to each of our companies, every supervisor's desk, and every staff e-mail address on company file. "It amazes me how Mr. So & So can hold his suit up every day without a spine. If anyone knows how he makes that possible, please advise. Meanwhile, steer clear of his objectionable crotch. Though it is temporarily out of order due to painful repercussions as a PERVERT, I'm sure he'll eventually try to think with it again." Needless to say, he is no longer employed by that company. I suppose it sent a clear message to others as well.

Sex is a venture I explore in another direction. I sleep with the boss every night. It's a damn hot affair and the desk is a great place for private moments of heated passion. My husband isn't my boss, but he is a boss. I love it when he tells me what to do.

After years in banking and finance, I retired to write full time. I'm thirty-seven and loving life. Though I can say that the "offers" I received were lucrative and lusty in a fleeting way, they just didn't cut the mustard for me. It's not even a judgment thing. I know how tempting it is and how some people actually do manage to find the love of their lives in the workplace. There is an element of challenge, risk and even taboo for some. Some women may enjoy and appreciate one hell of a day at the office and have no problems with sex and work. I've walked in on a few of them. It didn't appear that there was any harm in it, but I have seen a few suffer afterwards.

Each to their own, as far as I'm concerned.

But I didn't get any bang for my buck and I'm okay with that.

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