Writer's Bio

ezwritr was born in Haze, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago.

His father was an itinerant accountant. The family moved all over the country, to where the hottest crop of businesses was located: to Houston for the space race, to Silicon Valley for the computer boom, to New Jersey for the disco craze. Thus ezwritr experienced America as he grew up, and was steeped in cultural nuance.

ezwritr attended college in the Midwest, but he didn't become a writer in the purest sense until he read the seminal work, 'How To Write Good' by Michael O'Donoghue. Applying O'Donoghue's principles, ezwritr's work soon developed, and then sold quickly and often.

ez is back in Haze, living in comfort on the other side of town, enjoying relative anonymity with his pet schnauzer, Heinie. He stopped sleeping ten years ago, and writes about eighteen hours a day.

ez has a new erotic mystery published with eXtasybooks titled At The Viceroy. "Nobody knew what happened to the owner, Ruddy Meyers. He just disappeared, in 1959. Some say he went after the man who stole his wife."

Writer's Statement

ezwritr's Physical Description

No picture of ezwritr, but here's a description:

ezwritr is thirty-five years old, though he's often mistaken for twenty-five. The man's belly is flat from so many sit-ups. He has strong legs for lifting, and for running many miles when the mood suits him. He's athletic, but not obsessively so; his arms are long and strong, for reaching high shelves, and for moving furniture, and bringing in the groceries. The man is not a toothpick, but he's not Arnold Schwarzenegger, either, more like in the middle. He's about 5'10" or 6'2." His hair is dark brown, blonde, black or bright orange, stylishly done just exactly the way you like it. He is clean-cut, but occasionally he sports a beard, or sometimes a moustache, but he never has scratchy facial hair. From time to time he has hair on his chest, but he never has any on his back.

ez has good hygiene, but he's not a neat freak, or a slob, either; he picks up his socks, and sometimes does the laundry. He often volunteers to do the dishes, and will help with other housework. He never farts or belches, and seldom snores, and when he does it's the cute snore that you could just watch all night long. The man likes animals, and remembers anniversaries, and doesn't mind when you call him at work. He reads instructions when some assembly is required, and walks away from the project when things don't go right.

When ez's out there in the real world and isn't sure where he's going, he drives straight to the gas station and asks for directions. He quit smoking several years ago; he doesn't do drugs, and doesn't drink very much, and never gambles to excess, though he does have a night out with The Boys from time to time. He knows how to make a tight rack at pool. He has rudimentary knowledge of internal combustion engines. He knows baseball, but can let the game go on a moment's notice. And he always walks away from a bar fight.

ez earns a lot of money, yet he's only at work for that standard forty hours a week. He never comes home tired. He eats anything that you put in front of him, and always says, "Honey, that was great!"

Not once has ez ever compared you to an old girlfriend; he was a virgin when you met him, yet he's extensively read in matters of love. The man has boundless energy in bed. His mantool grows six to twelve inches long, and it varies in girth as the moment calls for it. His tongue is strong, yet pliable. All he wants to do is please you, for as long as you desire. And all you have to do is love him in return.

That ezwritr. What a guy.

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