When He Sails

When he sails across unswept depth,
white flagships rise in crescent fleets,
cloud wisps drain in jealous thunder

My body is tossed into night-sweat storms
and salty tears from sated rifts

His bow driven mystic tides
arouse my will, while sanely I fear the vastness

Does this tempest swell before me
or long away, out to sea
Will it ebb, then cease

I answer not, my reservations erased
the same as yesterday's low tide finds

Rock, my Captain, starboard cross
Splay the shores of every rise

I lap against your rugged craft
just to cast you onward
Fresh currents run fast beneath

And when the last of waves turn glass,
Halcyon spells of sleeping-waters

I stretch awake, to stir, to lash
a star-cradled brew of viridian lore

I am wittingly dashed then, again
Your mastless fervor, free and champion

I can only lay to,
as the earth first did,
and claim you deep within


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