A Note from Voracitybeat.com Editor Stevie Burns
Regarding: The Salty Witch Circle

Needing your feedback, your experience, and your thoughts for a new book.

Dear Reader,

Every month, a new topic (posed as a question) will be introduced on the Voracitybeat.com website. And you are invited to participate in this open forum. Send in several pages; send in a paragraph. But DO send it in! I want to know what you think.

All responses will be anthologized into a book. YES! A real book, one you can buy at a store and hold in your hand and everything.

So much has been published about how to please women, but it's rare to find any sexual questions where women were actually asked. I want your thoughts, feelings, advice, experiences, hopes, desires, fears, sass. I want to publish a fair representation of what women really think about sex, the good sex and the not-so-hot.

So: this should be a lot of fun. Please tell your friends about this project. The more the merrier so tell your coworkers. In fact, tell the women you dislike about it too. Please! If I should get too many responses to actually publish in one book I will consider that a major coup. And I will happily do whatever it takes to publish a second volume.

Publication release date: December 2004.

Best Regards,
Stevie Burns

PS: Like any editor, I will happily assist you in editing your responses so that they are ready for publication. You will have full creative power, but I won't allow you to go down in history as someone who can't spell. As the writer, you may certainly use an alias if you wish to remain anonymous. It's up to you.

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