"...subtle elements give moments to respond, take a breath,
savor the effects of arousal."

Letter to the Reader

Dear Reader,

I believe there is art in everything. I hope in some way I manage to convey that. Erotica provides me an opportunity to express my femininity and I'm always exploring and finding new things that appeal to me.

I want to inspire and be inspired by sharing and supporting the art of Eros.

I appreciate everyone for readership and kindred company. The power of words that connect with pure strangers is a miraculous gift to me.


Writer's Statement

Expression releases me. I don't really have a method to the madness within me, just a need to express. As long as I'm growing, then I'm doing something right. My inspiration is vast and sometimes overwhelming or intimidating.

The only recurring pattern throughout my writing is sensuality, because it is important to me. My content and tone range from light to dark and everything in-between. I lean toward subtlety simply because it leaves more to the imagination. Though sometimes, my subjects are sexually aggressive, subtle elements give moments to respond, take a breath, savor the effects of arousal.

The voice of verse is very important to me. I see things way outside the lines, so form doesn't appeal to me as much as a free-flowing balance of tension and release.

My stories are much different. They are a new endeavor for me. I'm just now developing my style of story writing.

Thank God for editing. I'm not one that produces a polished write in thirty seconds without revision. Some part of me has to be sated to feel it is done, which isn't easy for me.

Writer's Bio

I'm a former librarian, who feels the scent of a good book is sensual and very unleashing. I've always been passionate about the written word.

I began writing erotic poetry two years ago, finding that it allows the gypsy in me to wander beyond and explore my sensual nature.

Dark erotic fiction is also a fascination and I'm currently in the middle of my first novel, a task I'm determined to complete if only for myself.

Besides being a writer, I struggle to be an eccentric reclusive deliberate wino who listens to Van Morrison and Otis Redding when it rains. When it's not raining, I love to tend my gardens.

As far as goals, I want to author an artistic book that empowers feminine sensuality/sexuality. Then I want to visit Paris.

I'm very excited for the future of VoracityBeat and what it has already allowed me. Thank you for providing a place to feel comfortable in. I also want to thank ERWA for leading me to you.

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