Jade Blackmore
"Most of my writing stems from personal experience, thickly or thinly veiled..."
-Jade Blackmore

Letter to the Reader

Most of my writing stems from personal experience, thickly or thinly veiled, depending on the source. One of my poems "Laundry" was inspired by an e-mail I sent to a friend. "He used to be my sex god," I wrote after a phone conversation with an ex-lover. "Now he does the laundry."

Best wishes,
Jade Blackmore

Writer's Statement

"Never give up" seems like a cliché but I can say from experience that perseverance pays off. I think it has something to do with proving to the universe that you're serious. And take calculated risks - this is very important for creative types. One of my favorite quotes is from this money-conscious rock star:

"The saddest thing is if at the end of your life you say "I wish I did" or "Why didn't I?" You have to go after it with full gusto in life, whatever it is, go after the stupidest whim, because you pass by once." -Gene Simmons

Writer's Bio

Jade Blackmore is a freelance writer living in Los Angeles. Her erotica has appeared in websites and magazines such as Playgirl, Gallery, Thermoerotic, Wickedstories and Slave's Tribute, among others. Jade also writes about rock music for Rock Confidential and Suite 101 under her real name, Marianne Moro.

Blackmore's first erotica e-book, A Devil In The City Of Angels is currently available from Extasybooks.

Jade lives in "the slums off Hollywood Boulevard" with her boyfriend and a cat named Dax. She plays a Fender Squire Strat guitar and works part time for a movie industry trade mag.

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