To A Place That Leaves Me Better

When his nearness infuses me with calm,
I surrender without thought, without struggle.

And the mellow tones of his voice hypnosis,
I go willingly to where ever it takes me.

As the wild, savage animal I am,
The one scent I can pick out of a crowd of dozens,
Without opening my eyes, without even breathing.

Skin trained to the sensitivity to distinguish,
only a single fingertip.
Far more powerful than the smack of an open hand,
on my posterior.

To taste the flesh, the flavor and the smoothness,
Brings my blood to boil,
And juices flow freely.

Sinking deeply into his soul,
Through the windows of his eyes,
I find answers to all questions.

As each encounter returns me,
To a place that leaves me better,
Than I was before the journey.

I choose to explore the places,
That never existed before now,
And adventure deeper in your forest,
Where boundaries don't exist.


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