Gwen Masters
"Admitting the pleasures of masturbation is perhaps one of the last puzzling taboos of our sexually liberated world."
-Gwen Masters

Letter to the Reader

Dear Reader,

Many people have asked me if the stories I write are true. In answer, I say that there is always some element of truth to anything a writer puts on paper, for even the most talented pen draws from the ink of experience. My pen perhaps draws more heavily from that well than most.

Why write erotica? Because the words provoke, tease, and clench at our hearts in a very simple way. The erotic experiences of a random life seem to touch us all on some level, drawing out what we think and feel and revitalizing who we are. Our beliefs, our ideals, and even our most confident relationships are all tested by those private lives of others. We see a happy soul basking in all the things we choose are wrong for us, and forever after our choices are questioned. We lie awake long nights, wondering what to make of ourselves. That constant challenge to discover just who we are is what keeps us all growing, changing, and becoming more than we once were.

Thank you for taking these journeys with me. May you find peace in compassion, and always love without shame.

Warmest regards,

Writer's Statement

When I was a teenager, I put pen to paper and somehow crafted a story or two. Then I had the audacity to think someone else might actually want to read it. I realized quickly and with no small measure of awe that there were those who actually did want to read what I had written, who asked for more, and most importantly, who actually understood those things my pen had to say. I began to think that perhaps I did have a creative streak after all. And what in human nature is more creative than sensuality? It only made sense that I would find my niche in erotic writing.

I have the good fortune of being able to write all my fantasies and remembrances down and share them with the world. I believe sexual expression is something that should not just be accepted, but embraced. Love without shame is all too rare, and sadly so. I believe the key to good sex is acceptance, and acceptance renders all shame null and void. If I can help one person accept who they are and what they think about all things sexual, then at the end of the day, I have done my job. And what a pleasurable job it is!

Writer's Bio

While attending college in Kentucky, Gwen Masters wrote an erotic short story on a dare. The result was her first published work. Gwen is the author of the Music Man series, Better Judgment: Confessions of a Mistress and The Delta Stories, among others. She has several projects in the works, including Crossroads, an erotic novel focusing on the bedroom politics of Nashville's music industry. Gwen works and plays with her two children in the shadow of Music Row.

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