Body and Life Series by Burns

I was raised in a very suppressed environment where sex was not discussed and premarital sex was punishable by death. Physical activities were discouraged as only the mind matters in my family. This burden of responsibility mixed with body loathing has been a heavy load, a lot of baggage to schlep around. It's a burden that has taken a lot of effort to unpack, iron, and hang in the closet.

I've since returned home, leaving my luggage in a land that seems foreign to me now. From this distance, it feels and looks like another lifetime.

I discovered that I am sexually attractive. I suppose I've always known this to some degree but I can now actually believe in it, and without shame or guilt or discomfort. I've got big tits and I'm proud! It took me a long time to reach this point.

The Body and Life project, ongoing, is the celebration of my acceptance of my body. It's selfish and glorious and I revel in it. I am not a brain attached to some shell of a body. My body is a reflection of who I am, and how I express myself through my body is reflected in how other people look back at me. I do not slump any longer to hide my breasts. I do not wear baggy clothes any longer to hide what is underneath. I no longer try to not swish when I walk. I have hips, nice ones: no reason I should be ashamed of them.

So this is me, or at least an aspect of me. Displayed in parts.

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